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Indaba is a leading wholesaler of distinctive home decor products defined by natural and organic styles, patterns and colours, and a commitment to balanced design.

Based in the tranquility of Vancouver Island, our enduring passion at Indaba is developing designs and ideas; gathering select handcrafted pieces for the home from around the world. Our fascination with things of beauty is reflected in our ever-evolving collections of home furnishings. We strive to be innovative and refreshing, and are constantly working on new ideas to inspire and delight.

Our catalogues are brimming with classy, sophisticated and elegant home décor products inspired by traditional and rustic designs from all over. We bring you a wide range of lifestyle and design pieces that cohesively embody our signature tone of casual elegance, clean lines, rich shades and warm textures.

You willl find everything you’re looking for; from festive wicker baskets, silver teapots and cranberry red cushions to vintage style mirrors, bird cage lanterns and chic linens. As we are constantly changing and evolving, the possibilities are truly endless!