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Botanica collection with 123 products
Botanica 3 Collections 123 products
Dried Botanicals collection with 53 products
Dried Botanicals 3 Collections 53 products
Faux Plants collection with 60 products
Faux Plants 3 Collections 60 products
Furniture collection with 163 products
Furniture 6 Collections 163 products
Garden Containers collection with 102 products
Garden Containers 7 Collections 102 products
Garden Decor collection with 35 products
Garden Decor 6 Collections 35 products
Gifts collection with 1 products
Gifts 1 Collection 1 product
Holiday collection with 168 products
Holiday 5 Collections 168 products
Lighting collection with 93 products
Lighting 4 Collections 93 products
Room Decor collection with 305 products
Room Decor 17 Collections 305 products
Store Display collection with 62 products
Store Display 3 Collections 62 products
Tabletop and  Kitchen collection with 81 products
Tabletop and Kitchen 10 Collections 81 products
Wall Decor collection with 251 products
Wall Decor 11 Collections 251 products
Wine and Bar collection with 7 products
Wine and Bar 2 Collections 7 products

KALALOU is a leading designer and supplier of the most unique, fun, and fascinating products to be found in the home accents, garden decor, and gift arenas. For nearly 30 years we have traveled the lesser known corners of the world in an effort to bring to market "that look"... our look... the look that has blazed a path in our industry and not ...... Read More

We offer the full Kalalou product catalog via Shop Local